Our Services

We can Quickly & Effectively  Produce As-Built Drawings / As-Constructed Drawings / As-Installed Drawings / As-Fitted Drawings / Record Drawings for the ‘O&M’ manuals:

Architectural Buildings, HVAC, Electrical Lighting, Power, Fire Alarm, Data and Communications, Security, Air Conditioning and Plumbing Systems Drawings,
For Builders, Mechanical and Electrical Contractors, HVAC, Sprinkler, Security, Fit-Out Contractors, Consultants and Specialist Contractors.

We can Also Provide a  `3D Building Scanning Service’   or  a  `3D Object Scanning service’, to Acurately create 3D Point Cloud Data,  Please advise us if you need this.

Generally  As-Built Drawings are generally required toward the `End of a Project’, as part of the Project’s Handover Documentation,
where the Drawings are an Essential piece of the ‘Operating and Maintenance’ manual’s  information. For more info, please visit our FAQs page.

Usually, with no As-Built Drawings, a Client can ‘Retain Final Payments’, as these Drawings are Typically part of the Project Handover Documentation.
Basically the As-Built Drawings, Depict the Correct Building and M&E Services layouts, Finally Built / Installed / Fitted, ‘On-Site’ for the Client.
The As-Built Drawings incorporate any Changes / Modifications  which happened ‘On-Site’, from the Original Set of Drawings.

The As-Built Drawings can be Extremely Useful, Especially for any Future Building Works, ‘Offices Maintenance’ or ‘Building Upgrade’ Works.

Normally on a Project , The Client’s Project Engineer or Respective Contractor, will ‘mark-up’ any Drawing Changes in ‘Red Pen’,
Then Scan-in the ‘marked-up’ Drawings and e-mail them to us, along with any other applicable information.

When Appointed, We can Add your Company Logo and Contact Details to New Drawing Title sheets, then Complete your Drawing Modification works,
Before Updating the Drawing’s Revision Status to: ‘As-Built’, ‘As-Constructed’, ‘ As-Installed’, ‘As-Fitted’, or ‘Record Drawing’.

On Completion, we can e-mail the New Drawings back to your Company, in Both Electronic ‘Openable’ .Pdf & CAD Format.